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Preservation 64 - Archiving the past

The software is professionally recovered. Usually from magnetic disks using preferably Kryoflux or Nibtools. If available, meta data such as pictures of the disks and box content are scanned and added.

For C64 the Kryoflux streams are converted to G64 or P64 images and verified to work in a common emulator, such as Vice.

Project Description

If you are an ATARI user, check out the Atari 8-bit Software Preservation Initiative

Hints for Searching

The game names for releases in the wiki follow the naming scheme used on mobygames. Pages for releases refer to retail/budget versions. For software released on compilation switch the search to search everything.


These are known, but not yet filled pages. We probably have some sources in our backlog, but for sure not everything.


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Copy Protections

Descriptions of old disk copy protections

Th. Tempelmann format analyzed (custom format).


C64 Demo Captures



Other Interesting Sites

Atari 8-bit Software Preservation Initiative

Atari 8-bit Software Preservation Initiative

My helper lists

List of archived C64 games

List of archived C64 applications

List of archived C64 magazines

Software that runs in VICE 2.3 only.