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Source 1

Property Data
Title Champions
Publisher and/or Developer Krisalis Software Ltd.
Year 1992
Disk(s) 3
Number of Index Holes 2, 2, 1
Media Type 5.25 DSDD
Retail, Budget or Compilation (with name) Compilation
Country of Release UK
Language(s) see language menu screenshot of each game
Platform C64
Protection None
Working? Yes
Archived 27 Apr 2012 Rakki
Verified by enigma

Purchased from:

Rakki: Redumped with realigned drive 25th July 2013.


Loader screen of World Championship Boxing Manager contains advertising for:


Jahangir Khan World Championship

File:Streams Champions 1st copy disk1

File:Streams Champions redump disk1

Manchester United

Rakki: Disk is modified (34 *H +1), someone written failed file "Y" on it.

File:Streams Champions 1st copy disk2

File:Streams Champions redump disk2

World Championship Boxing Manager

File:Streams Champions 1st copy disk3

File:Streams Champions redump disk3


Jahangir Khan World Championship

Track 1 on both sides of this disk is unformatted, but it is not checked and not used for data.

File:JahangirKhanWorldChampionshipSquash rakki s0.g64

File:JahangirKhanWorldChampionshipSquash rakki s1.g64

File:Champions JahangirKhanSquash rakki s0.g64

File:Champions JahangirKhanSquash rakki s1.g64

Manchester United

File:ManchesterUnited rakki s0.g64

File:ManchesterUnited rakki s1.g64

File:Champions ManchesterUnited rakki s0.g64

File:Champions ManchesterUnited rakki s1.g64

World Championship Boxing Manager

File:WorldChampionshipBoxingManager rakki s0.g64

File:Champions WorldChampionshipBoxingManager rakki s0.g64

Disk side 1 is empty.